2016 Season Derby Ball

Thank you to all the wonderful and dedicated members of Third Coast Roller Derby. We had our 2016 Season Derby Ball on January 14th and we would like to congratulate all of our award winners.

Helping Hands Award, those who go above and beyond on a regular basis to help out the league.

  • Grannie Grace
  • Apocalypstic
  • Duchess of Score

Sticky Icky Award to Smasher Reftar for keeping our track gum free.

Leadership Awards were given to those member who have stepped up as stand out leaders and really make a difference.

  • Killstoy
  • TX PainSaw
  • El Reffe
  • Drag N Fight Her
  • T- Ref

The Phoenix Award is a Third Coast Award that is given to members to rise up and accomplish seemingly unobtainable tasks.

  • Durtie Gurtie
  • Heartless Harlot
  • Mentalea
  • Allie Dreadful

Skater Awards: 

  • Most Improved – Tacklebox
  • The Mouth – Axe Grinder
  • Best All Around Skater – Foxy Finish Her
  • Most Determined – BamBam
  • Rookie of the Year – Jackie Ripper
  • Jammer of the Year – Baby Shamer

Thank you again to everyone and we look forward to what 2017 holds for us!


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