Jersey’s & New Logo, OH MY!

Yesterday was a huge day for Third Coast!

Since the beginning of TCRD two years ago, there has been a lot of work to get us where we needed to be as a league but these things take a lot organization, money, and time.  Last year was our first year in the rink and was focused primarily on recruiting, playing derby, and training skaters so that we could play the game that we all so dearly love.  We also worked diligently to give back to the community.  Last year, we were very successful in achieving all of our goals – obtaining a venue to practice and compete, skater membership to nearly 30 active skaters, raised over $3000 to non-profit organizations, and successful fundraising for the league for the purchase of uniforms.

This year we are moving towards further solidifying, growing and legitimizing the league within the derby community.   Soon we will be growing into two TCRD teams within the TCRD league, developing a comprehensive Freshmeat Bootcamp, and traveling to other locations to play.  More information on these is soon to come!

Additonally, 2017 Season kicked off with everything we need to keep moving forward.  We now have official team uniforms with a new logo.  We are proud of the progress that is continually made by our leadership and we hope that it will encourage more skaters to join in the fun because:

“At TCRD, we are doing derby different!”

For more information, please reach out to




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