A Well Fought Bout – April 8, 2017

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April 8th was the second game for the Third Coast Roller Derby (TCRD) 2017 season and we played a visiting team from Gilmer, TX – the Madams of Mayhem (MMRD).

This game proved to be a nail-biter as the lead was handed back and forth several times throughout the game.  Each team was working hard to get points on the board and keep the opposing jammer at bay.  In the end, TCRD took the win but it could have been easily gone either way.  This was a super fun, well matched game and everyone was such a good sport 🙂

During the first half, MMRD Co-Captain – Nerdinator was injured and taken to a local treatment center for an injured ankle.  She was a real trooper.  TCRD has a tradition of doing something special for injured skaters and so a helmet was passed around the crowd and raised a whopping $150.00 to help with the medical expenses from the injury. With that money we send our warmest wishes for a speedy recovery.

After the game, both teams joined up at The Garage in Alvin, TX for a night of laughs, fun, and some true derby style antics.  This will definitely be a night to remember.

Thank you Madams of Mayhem skaters, fans and friends for making this a wonderful night.

Waking this morning, we found these kind words in our TCRD inbox:

“I can’t thank y’all enough for your hospitality tonight. You’re an amazing team with a huge heart. Thank you so much for supporting me thru my injury and raising donations for me. Your team is how every roller derby team should be.
The Nerdinator
Co-Captain MMRD”

These kind words really hit home for us at TCRD because we fight hard to have a league full of friendly and kind skaters… in our league and in our derby community!  Thank you for coming to play with us and we really look forward to future games.


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