Safety FIRST

The single most important requirement for TCRD is safety.

Safety means the 5 following rules on the track:

  1. Having and wearing the proper safety gear at all times – helmet, mouth-guard, knee pads, elbow pads, and wrist guards,
  2. Having the ability to make rational, safe, and timely decisions by being free of any substances that impair your abilities.
  3. Being conscious of the other skaters on the track and not purposefully targeting or causing injury.
  4. We do not and will not force or push any skater to do something that they are not ready for or may cause injury – we want to grow skaters and we can’t do that if you’re always battling an injury.  Do not be afraid to ask for modifications if needed.
  5. Know your bodies limits.  We want you to push but we do not want you to get hurt.  Stop if you need to stop and listen to your body.

Safety off the track:

To insure the safety of all our league members, please let us know if there are other circumstances in which TCRD Leadership needs to be aware.  We want to make sure that each skater is safe and we provide an environment free from worry.   Information will only be shared with permission from the skater and on a “need to know” basis.  This is not so that Leadership can gossip, but rather that our security team has the information to monitor the building and parking lot appropriately, as well as, during events away from the skating rink.  Situations in which it is vital to notify leadership include issues of domestic violence, intimate partner violence, stalking, harrassment, concern of child abduction, or any other perceived threat to our skaters.  We care about each member of our league and we want them to know that we here for them as support, on and off the track.

Tips for avoiding injury:

  1. Build up your athletic and physical level GRADUALLY.  As tempting as it might be to jump right into a rigorous exercise or training routine, don’t go all out too quickly! Many individuals have quickly become rather obsessed with fitness and while it is certainly a positive thing to strive for a healthier living, as previously mentioned it can be equally as dangerous to pack way too much in too quickly. Whether you are brand new to the sport or have been playing the sport for years, talk to a doctor or nutritionist/dietician before radically changing your physical activity and/or eating habits. Don’t let a gym or online diet plan strong-arm you into something without first researching the impact that will come of these routines. A gradual, patient fitness plan will reduce the risk of you making yourself sick or seriously hurting yourself from overdoing it.
  2. Learn to play roller derby right.  Make sure you use proper form to reduce your risk of injuries. Never be afraid to seek guidance or advice from the more senior skaters and look up videos on technique and form. YouTube has a lot of great “how to” uploads available. Just remember: there is no such thing as a shortcut to improvement or success, only shortcuts to injury.
  3. Don’t let body image get you down.  Never forget that roller derby is still for men and women of all shapes and all sizes! That being said, we all have certainly seen that body image issues HAVE made their way into our growing sport. At TCRD we say this: if you were happy and proud with yourself before, try not to lose sight of that. I know it can be difficult and stressful if you find yourself in a situation where you feel that the rest of your peers and/or trainers are pushing for a more “fit” and “athletic” team but never forget that you always have been, and will continue to be, an athlete in this sport. Besides, changing too much in yourself can lead to you losing some of your strongest assets!
  4. Know the rules.  We also cannot stress enough the importance of reading, understanding, knowing and following the WFTDA rules so that you do not seriously hurt somebody else either.