Herculegs #27

“I started skating two years ago but took a break until the roller derby itch came back, with a vengeance! Decided to join Third Coast because they were so welcoming and friendly from day one.” Advertisements Continue reading

Sexy Rexy #777

“Hi I’m Sexy Rexy. I am 45, a wife, mother and grandmother (MiMi) and began my derby journey 18 months ago, after many years of wanting to give it a try. I took a break for about a year, searching for the perfect derby league to join. I dropped in at Third Coast to try … Continue reading

Apocalypstick #218

“In the Spring of 2016, I decided to try roller derby as a gift to myself for losing a significant amount of weight, and wanted a fun way to exercise to keep the weight off. The gym wasn’t for me. I always had an interest in roller derby and what it was all about, although … Continue reading

Durtie Gurtie #409

“I think I have always been a derby girl but didn’t know it. A little neurotic, a little aggressive, a lot rebellious… In the past, I considered playing and even went to practice to watch a couple times. I dismissed it because I never considered myself a “joiner”. Years went by and I found myself … Continue reading

Mexicutioner #11-57

“Quite often, women are the hardest on themselves AND each other. We wear so many hats and are so critical on ourselves to making it all work. It creates stress and anxiety. BUT…. if we all surround ourselves with support, there is no doubt that our lives will be happier and healthier. Getting and making … Continue reading

BamBam #47

“I’m BamBam lol..  In case you didn’t know already, you’ll usually find me off to myself somewhere in a corner – not because I’m stuck up but shy and quiet (until 2.5 beers, then I’m your best friend). This last year I made some awesome friends and some I would call family.  They have taken … Continue reading

Evil Genius #529

“I found derby few years ago. A friend was needing something and found derby. She also needed a friend to go with her. So I went. I’ve learned that people find derby when they need something. I needed something and didn’t know it. A wife and mother is my role. Or was my role. I … Continue reading