Apocalypstick #218

“In the Spring of 2016, I decided to try roller derby as a gift to myself for losing a significant amount of weight, and wanted a fun way to exercise to keep the weight off. The gym wasn’t for me. I always had an interest in roller derby and what it was all about, although I had never even seen a bout before I got on skates. I had a friend on a team, so I asked about it and showed up to practice. I was hooked after the very first practice. It was exciting, new, and made me feel confident. I wore some loaner skates that were a size too small, and hurt pretty bad, so I quickly ordered some cheap skates online (bad idea), I ordered them a size too big. Ha! I continued to practice in them regardless, and I immediately realized this sport was just for ME, so I took the time to customize my very own skates and I LOVE THEM! I picked my derby name (Apocalypstick) that just sounded good to me, and I picked my number #218 to symbolize the day I became a Mom (My first Son’s birthday). My self-esteem has skyrocketed since losing weight and joining this sport that was way out of my comfort zone. The amazing friends you meet along the way keep you coming back. I’m a pretty quiet and calm person, so when I tell others that I play roller derby, the look on their faces is priceless! The nights at practice are my way of getting away from all the stresses in my life, and I come home with such excitement, adrenaline, and happiness. I once thought that maybe I was just too old (42), or out of shape for this sport, but I am learning that this sport is for anyone!!”