Durtie Gurtie #409

“I think I have always been a derby girl but didn’t know it. A little neurotic, a little aggressive, a lot rebellious… In the past, I considered playing and even went to practice to watch a couple times. I dismissed it because I never considered myself a “joiner”. Years went by and I found myself again drawn to derby. I said no, no, no until I finally said “what the hell, let’s try this”. Best decision ever. With lots of encouragement from TCRD skaters, I finally broke down and actually put skates on my feet. Such a small thing but instantly I was taken back to junior high and I remembered the JOY of skating. Giving your all to hit each of the basic skills, pushing myself and watching my teammates so that I can learn from them – everyone coaching, everyone offering tips and tricks that worked for them, everyone coming together as a team. Finally the athletic, competitive side of myself is being acknowledged. As icing on the cake, my husband decided to ref and it is something that we do together. So what started as a “what the hell”, has transformed into my outlet – physically, mentally, and socially. I don’t know what it is like in other leagues but I know I love Third Coast and can’t imagine life without it.”