Who is TCRD?

First and foremost, Third Coast Roller Derby is a family.  We want everyone that walks through our doors to feel included and welcome.  We do not shut the door to those that skate with other leagues or try to poach them from other leagues.  At TCRD, we welcome any and all people whether you are a veteran skater or brand new to skating.  We are a diverse and growing league but we want to grow only in ways that keep our no drama, safety first, family friendly environment.

People who join us will need to understand that all of our skaters are competing only against themselves.  This is about each of our personal journey to becoming a better athlete.  That means that both the new and veteran skaters need to have patience with each other so that we can develop individually and build comradery as a team.

For game play, our rosters are filled the following way:

  1. Attendance to Practice
  2. Safety – Gear, Skills, and Attitude
  3. Derby Skill Level

We are here to do more than win bouts… we are hear to build a team.

Mission Statement:
Empower women and their supporters through physical fitness, competition and philanthropy.

Third Coast Roller Derby
Roller derby is a full contact sport that is becoming more popular and competitive.
Our league is creating a positive and enriching atmosphere not only for the members but for the community it operates within. Or goal is to establish and maintain a self-sustaining sports entertainment club with transparent business practices.